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ILAS is very fortunate to have been given complete access to the Condor EI-BDX for its exclusive use.  The aircraft has been in operation at EIIF for two now years now and has offered our members the opportunity to learn new flying skills and maintain currency.  It is maintained by a voluntary group of ILAS members and inspected by our authorised inspectors.

Now, the Condor is to become the focus of a new training scheme for the benefit of members. In partnership with Wexford Flying Club, ILAS is introducing a new Pilot’s Refresher Course comprising 3 hours of instruction in EI-BDX.  

The cost of this module will be €495.  However, ILAS will provide a €100 subsidy to the first 10 pilot members who undertake this training.   The net reduced fee of €395 includes: 3 hours usage of BDX, fuel, Instruction and BDX group membership.  Pilots who successfully undertake the course may wish to seek clearance to fly the Condor solo as pilot in command at the normal rental rate, once the group's Chief Pilot, Peter Tawse is satisfied that the required skill level has been achieved.   Flying the Condor has to be by far the best aircraft rental bargain in these islands!

The instruction will be tailored to the individual pilot but but can be structured around some of the following:

  • General airmanship / ‘see and avoid’

  • Stall/spin avoidance and recovery

  • Managing ‘angle of attack’ through final approach

  • Standard aerodrome departure/arrival and circuit procedures

  • Forced landing /engine failure after take-off (“EFATO”)

  • Piston engine icing

  • VFR navigation

  • Tailwheel conversion

  • Farmstrip flying and ‘strip sense’;

Among others, Chairman Loman O’Byrne is regularly using the Condor to undertake tailwheel training in order to expand on the basic skills gained in his PPL training and prepare for the completion of his own tailwheel aircraft.  His blog about his experience gives an insight into what ‘BDX’ is like to fly and can be read on our website.

Peter is available to provide this refresher training on all weekdays except Tuesdays. Further details and bookings from Kay Tawse of Wexford Flying Club on 086 3524305.

Find out more about the Condor on our website.

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