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ILAS Awards event 2018

3 Dec 2018 1:20 PM | ILAS Chairman (Administrator)

The annual awards and Christmas dinner took place last Saturday. People started to gather around 4.30pm and had time to meet and catch up with friends before the dinner started. The meal was excellent, as expected by the high standards of the Riverbank, with complements all round. 
After the dinner Loman introduced our guest speaker Roger Hopkinson who addressed the crowd and covered the following topics: 


  • The work of EFLEVA and their key message which is to secure the right regulatory environment to allow members to continue with their recreation with as much freedom as they have had hitherto. 
  • ·     The difficulties that occur when we do not work together with the regulatory bodies to move forward
  • ·     The rate of change within recreational flying and aviation technology is very swift and we must move with it
  • ·     The new developments and technology that we will be encountering soon
  • ·     The importance of being aware of the new participants in the aviation world and how their entry onto the playing field will affect the aviation regulations
He gave the talk in a way that was simple, concise and backed up by examples, so everyone could understand, as talks on regulation can sometimes be difficult to grasp. We were very lucky to have such a distinguished person as Roger Hopkinson to attend our annual awards.
After the talk, it was time for the awards to be presented. Loman announced the winners and gave a summary of the individual highlights which lead to the award. This was complimented by pictures submitted by the winners of their crafts, journeys and adventures which were stunning.
As Loman announced the winners, Roger presented the prizes, except for the John O’Loughlin award which was presented by John in person. The presentations were as follows: Bertie Taggart won the Classic / Vintage Restoration Award for his work on EI-GHI

Air Touring Award

Andrew Butler won the Touring Award for his journey to Venice Lido.  The prize was accepted on his behalf by Eddie Goggins, who also flies Ei-EEO in formation displays with EI-HUM



Gerry Humphreys won the John O’Loughlin Airmanship Award for his handling of a Decathlon with a malfunctioning aileron


Eddie Goggins won the Aerobatics Award for finishing 5thin the European Aerobatics Freestyle Championship 

After the awards, Roger spoke again to congratulate all winners and comment on how they can and will be an inspiration for others to do something similar or even to surpass their achievements, so we can push forward our boundaries in aviation. We are very fortunate to have so much talent, skill, knowledge and expertise within ILAS that we can learn from, share and expand.

Accommodation is always an option and some of the attendees availed of the opportunity to stay for the night and continued the discussions late into the evening.
It was yet another pleasurable gathering of ILAS members for the traditional Christmas dinner and annual awards. 

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Happy flying to all!

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