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The Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS) was formed in 2009 when members of CAACI (Classic Aircraft & Aerobatic Club of Ireland) and SAAC (Society of Amateur Aircraft Constructors) decided to merge both organisations. The purpose of the organisation is to facilitate the construction, restoration and operation of aircraft for recreation in Ireland.

The organisation has over 100 aircraft on its books including a 1935 BA Swallow, a 1940 Piper J5 Cub Cruiser, a 2006 SeaRey Amphibian and a number of homebuilts from the Vans RV series of aircraft. The list of approved aircraft can be viewed here and more detailed information is on the ‘Background’ page.

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Condor EI-BDX after arrival at ILAS Field

EI-BDX was originally built by Rollason Aircraft and Engines Ltd in Croydon, Surrey in 1964 as the prototype D.62B model and allocated serial number: RAE/608, originally registered as G-ASRB with CofA issued on 28/01/1965.

BDX was the much-loved aircraft of the late Brian Douglas and, after his untimely death, was gifted by his family to John Finnan who was a close friend of Brian over the years. John, in turn proposed that the aircraft be made available to ILAS for training & educational purposes in the form of an ownership trust in Brian’s memory. This wonderful gesture was particularly fitting given Brian’s lifelong interest in light aircraft and his active encouragement of others to experience aviation.

The aircraft is now available to all ILAS members who join the BDX group.  A membership application form and operational rules for the group are available via the preceding links or from the Downloads section of this website.

 In keeping with our affordable flying objectives, the cost of flying BDX has been set at a rate of €100 per tacho hour and 'block to block' times can be recorded for log book purposes.

Our insurance policy has an 'open pilot warranty' subject to check-flight approval by the Chief Pilot (Peter Tawse) hence the importance of booking with Peter, accordingly Kay should be contacted (Peter's wife) on 086 352 4305 in the first instance. Once solo a pilot can book online via:

Should any interested member of ILAS require further details or clarification regarding the operation of the BDS Group then any of the following trustees would be pleased to assist:

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