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The Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS) is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation, operated by the members for the members. ILAS does not have any employees and is not a corporate entity.

The business of the Society is conducted by a Committee of officers and Committee members elected from the membership of the Society at a General Meeting of the Society to act on behalf of the membership for the period of election. No member of the Committee receives remuneration for their role in the Society.

The Objectives of the Society are:
• The promotion of amateur aircraft construction in Ireland.
• The support, preservation, and operation of vintage and classic aircraft in Ireland
• The support and promotion of the sport of aerobatics amongst the Members.
• To provide support to all ILAS administered aircraft through the operation of the Flight Permit system as authorised and amended by the Irish Aviation Authority.
• To provide leadership in the achievement of low cost flying through co-operation and partnership with like-minded bodies, and appropriate representation at all levels.
• To promote safety in all aspects of the Society’s activities.
• To promote the growth of the Society, and to provide opportunities for Members to experience aviation.

About ILAS

The Irish Light Aviation Society (ILAS) was formed in 2009 when members of CAACI (Classic Aircraft & Aerobatic Club of Ireland) and SAAC (Society of Amateur Aircraft Constructors) decided to merge both organisations. The purpose of the organisation is to facilitate the construction, restoration and operation of aircraft for recreation in Ireland.

The organisation has over 100 aircraft on its books including a 1935 BA Swallow, a 1940 Piper J5 Cub Cruiser, a 2006 SeaRey Amphibian and a number of homebuilts from the Vans RV series of aircraft. The list of approved aircraft can be viewed here and more detailed information is on the ‘Background’ page.

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