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There is an unrestricted market for permit aircraft.  Completed operational aircraft as well as non-flying or incomplete 'projects' can be purchased and registered with ILAS for the purposes of initial and continuing airworthiness.  It is advisable to contact ILAS before making any major purchase.

The market in Ireland may be small but we have a large and active permit aviation market next door in Great Britain.  It is also quite common for members to buy aircraft or projects from the United States and re-register them here.  Even if aircraft are not capable of a ferry flight from their current location, the costs of shipping are not insurmountable in the context of the overall cost of purchasing and operating an aircraft.

Buying at Home

While clearly simpler and cheaper, there are still some procedures that need to be complied with when purchasing a project or a permit aircraft in Ireland

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Buying overseas

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Markets and Information Sources

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Import and registration procedures

This can be quite a complex area.  IlAS has prepared a document on the subject that fully explains all of the procedures involved and provides advice on the process.  If you are considering buying an aircraft outside Ireland, this document will repay your careful study and attention.  It can be downloaded here.

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