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Typical approximate COSTS

Last updated January 2018

This is a burning question for any interested aviator.  Nonetheless, it is an almost impossible question to answer because ILAS encompasses an extremely wide range of aircraft. Basically, more sophisticated aircraft and kits with a higher level of completion at the point of purchase (the legal limit is 49% complete) will cost more.  The condition of used permit aircraft can vary from 'nearly new' to 'almost unsaveable' and their market price varies accordingly. The very freedom to decide on the fit-out of our aircraft, which we cherish so much, means that the cost of this fit-out varies enormously (for instance, a brand new engine costs about €20,000 more than some good mid-life used engines)

No form of aviation is 'cheap' relative to other forms of leisure activity.  What can be said for certain is that
permit aviation is way cheaper than the equivalent CofA flying.  

While the low price of a twin engined Cessna or Piper from the late 60s may amaze you, what will be even more amazing will be the swingeing cost of keeping the thing going, especially the amazing cost of any part or the professional mechanic's fee to fit it and sign the log book.


Regardless of everything else on this page, there are very active permit flyers who spend less
on their hobby than followers of international soccer or club golfers.

Here are the major costs at the date of the latest update noted above, of some popular permit aircraft types and their ongoing operation.  These are rock-bottom costs that you will do very well indeed to achieve.  They assume the bare necessities.  Any extravagance above the bare minimum is your choice:

To build a new homebuilt aircraft from plans:

Awaiting text here. Example as below

To build a new homebuilt aircraft from an imported kit:

Vans RV-6, 7 or 9 (nose wheel A models are the same). Used engine. DIY painted

  • Kit, and all extras required for flight €55,000
  • Shipping of different kit stages parts and accessories €11,000
  • VAT €15,000
  • Total €81,000

To buy and restore a classic aircraft

 Cessna C140

Awaiting text here. Example as above

Typical hangarage cost

Awaiting text here. Example costs

Typical Insurance Cost

Awaiting text here. Example costs


Typical Maintenance Cost

Awaiting text here. Example costs

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