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To ensure your enquiry or comment goes directly to the most relevant person, we have listed below the officer positions in ILAS and the range of issues handled by each one, with a link to a contact page directed to each specific officer.

Officer or Group  In relation to  Link

 ILAS Chairman

  • Issues or questions relating to ILAS policy
  • Volunteering for Committee or other duties
  • Suggestions for new ILAS activities
  • Complaints regarding ILAS programmes and services
Contact the Chairman 


  • Legal matters concerning ILAS
  • Questions and issues relating to the ILAS Constitution and NMOM
  • All formal communications with ILAS
 Contact the Hon. Secretary

 Hon. Treasurer

  • All financial issues concerning ILAS
 Contact the Hon. Treasurer

 Permit Secretary

  • Current ILAS approved aircraft types
  • Applying for approval of a new type
  • Allocation of an Inspector
  • Issue of a Project Manual
  • Issue of a Permit Workpack
  • Applying for a Permit with a completed work pack
 Contact the Permit Secretary

 Membership Secretary

  • Applications for membership
  • Subscriptions and subscription payments
  • Resignations and subscription refunds
 Contact the Membership Secretary

 Chief Inspector

  • Technical issues beyond the scope of your own inspector
  • Advice and approval for minor modifications 
 Contact the Chief Inspector Webmaster

  • Log in issues
  • Copyright issues
  • Reciprocal web links to other organisations
  • Corrections of website content
  • Suggestions for new website content
 Contact the Webmaster

 Events Coordinator

  • Enquiries regarding scheduled events
  • Issues relating to events registration
  • Issues relating to event arrangements and organisation
  • Suggestions for additional events
  • Feedback on events
 Contact the Events Coordinator

 Airfield Coordinator

  • Prior permission to fly into EIIF
  • Enquiries regarding the current field conditions at EIIF
  • Enquiries relating to fly-ins to EIIF
 Contact the Airfield Coordinator

 Training Coordinator

  • Questions on flight training
  • Issues relating to ILAS skills training courses
 Contact the Training Coordinator

 Safety Coordinator

  • All safety matters relating to ILAS member pilots, fleet and airfield
 Contact the Safety Coordinator

 Aerobatics Officer

  • All enquiries concerning aerobatic flight and competitions 
Contact the Aerobatics Officer 

 Tool Librarian

  • Requests to borrow tools from the library
  • Arrangements for transport of tools outbound or return
  • Suggestions for new acquisitions
  • Donations of tools to the library
Contact the Tool Librarian 

 ILAS Committee

Contacts using this link go to all Committee members.  it is always better to contact the specific officer dealing with the subject matter in question.  However, if it is not clear which officer is responsible, Please use this form.  Contact the Committee

"Irish Light Aviation Society" (ILAS) is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated society . c/o 15 Herbert Park, Bray, Co. Wicklow A98 P3X2,Ireland

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