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Terms & Conditions of Membership

Prospective members must fill out the membership application form.

Student membership is only available to students currently enrolled in a full-time course of study for the duration of that course. Student members must progress to full membership in the membership year following the completion of their course. Information on the course of study, the institution and the expected year of graduation must be provided by applicants for this level of membership.

Members undertake to uphold and abide by all of the provisions of the ILAS Constitution, as amended, and the current version of the National Maintenance Organisation Manual.

Applications for membership are confirmed by vote of the ILAS committee at their next meeting and this can sometimes cause a short delay while the next scheduled (usually monthly) meeting comes around.  Until confirmed, applicants do not have full access to the members area of this site and will not be included in communications from ILAS. Confirmation of membership is notified to applicants by email

The current membership subscription fees are shown on the application form.  These fees may be changed by vote of an AGM.  A discount scheme for timely payment is usually provided each year.  Details of the discount are normally circulated to existing members within a subscription reminder email.

The Membership Year is from January to December inclusive and subscription renewals are due on 1st January in each year.  This is totally separate from the permit extension/renewal cycle and any such payments due must be made separately at the time when they fall due.  

An option to establish an automated renewal payment (similar to a direct debit) is available through the application process and can be cancelled at any time by email to  

Refunds of subscriptions for the current year will be made in the event of cancellations by paid up members before the end of February in that year.

A facility for a single administrator to make subscription payments and renewals on behalf of all members of an aircraft owners group is also available through this website.

Members who have not paid their subscription for the current year within 60 days from the AGM are deemed to have lapsed according to the ILAS Constitution and their access to the members area of this website is automatically removed. Lapsed members who wish to re-join should re-apply for membership in the same way as new members.

In order to avail of the privileges and freedoms provided to ILAS members under the authority delegated to it by IAA, it is necessary for ALL owners and ALL part-owners of permit aircraft homebuild and restoration projects as well as aircraft currently operating under permit, to maintain membership in good standing of ILAS for the entire duration of the project or permit.  In other words, the NMOM which forms the basis of ILAS's authority can only be applied to current members.

"Irish Light Aviation Society" (ILAS) is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated society . c/o 15 Herbert Park, Bray, Co. Wicklow A98 P3X2,Ireland

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